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Why this project

A community of innovators, rural entrepreneurs, Research to improve strategic thinking in remote areas of europe

Peripheral European rural areas are facing risks of ageing, depopulation and abandonment of rural heritage and resources, rising risks as fires and fires impact with fatal consequences.

It is of vital importance to implement joint smart strategies to stop depopulation and empower with entrepreneurship education and internationalization to those that strive to develop projects in those contexts.

To create conditions for resilience in these fragile rural areas is urgent.

Adult entrepreneurs who have bet for remaining, living and working in little towns and villages are key agents for their survival.

Cultural Heritage creative and innovative management may be a link for tourism attraction and an inspiration for new job opportunities.

Music festivals, museums, thematic routes and villages, historical recreations are examples of good practices where creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship can impact on rural places and areas.
A considerable effort has been dedicated to foster entrepreneurship education and attract tourism in these areas, but it has not succeeded to revert negative population flows.

Only a few entrepreneurship projects succeed while many others, after great personal and public efforts fail and end with frustration and migration.

To reinforce the resilience of these projects, it is fundamental to increase innovation, networking and internationalization.

For this, CultRural+ seeks to introduce rural and neo-rural entrepreneurs to strategic training, networking, community of practice and internationalization

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How we do what we do

CultuRural+ means:

  • local animation patterns with different rural networks and entrepreneurs.
  • international training completely supported by European funds (Erasmus plus). We will make public call for applications to get in touch with different entrepreneurs all over Europe.
  • Local incubation work for new or on-going entrepreneurial projects. It is for free and supported by CultRural+ project. 

Our main focus is on those entrepreneurial projects which want to expand the scopes of rural activities or which want to merge cultural activity with rural development.

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