Territorial resources and tourism development in depopulated rural areas – online webinar 05.03.21 / 2-4.30pm CET


Friday 5 March from 14:00 to 16 h 30 CET.



This session is in French (with translations of the presentations) and is organised by 5 modules of about 20 minutes each, followed by exchanges and sharing of experiences with the participants.

1. Territorial resources approach (Laurent Rieutort, Prof. université Clermont-Auvergne, Dir. IADT)
• A new vision to meet the challenges of fragile rural areas
• The principles: actors and specific resources
• The notion of “basket of goods and services” (Case studies: Cevennes and Aubrac)

2. The example of the valorisation of a forgotten territorial resource in the French Massif Central: case studies: wool in Margeride mountain (Pascal Lafont, manager of «Ateliers de la Bruyère», Saugues village)
• “Ateliers de la Bruyère” are social and solidarity economy enterprises specialising in the production of fibre felt: http://lesateliersdelabruyere.fr
• The process of creating a wool “cluster” in a fragile rural area

3. The new challenges of rural tourism (Laurent Rieutort, Prof. université Clermont-Auvergne, Dir. IADT)
• New tourist practices and associated values
• shift from “territories of practice” to “territories to live in”

4. On some “good practices” in tourism development in rural areas (Samuel Houdemon, Manager of KIPIK Conseils, Creator of tourist activity, www.kipik-consultinge.com).
• “Feedback” on local tourism businesses
• Example of tourist routes and roaming
• Strategic issues and point of vigilance. (Case study: Massif central)

5. Reconciling “territorial resources” and tourism development: methodological approach (Cristina Kujtiuk-Delgado, Association of Sociologists and Anthropologists of Auvergne, and Laurent Rieutort)
• Example of the design of a hiking trail (case study: Ardèche)
• Identifying the resources of the territory that are valued or can be valued / diagnosis of the specificity of the resources
• What valuation strategy?
• Setting up a valorisation project approach
• Organising the players, governance issues